Meet a Quality Builder in Prattville, AL

Prattville has become a home to Air Force retirees, families moving away from bigger cities, and even people wanting move into town from rural areas. But for some of us, Prattville has always been home. We recently got to shoot the breeze with Bracken Cobb, small business owner of Yellowhammer Builders. His company builds and renovates homes for clients throughout central Alabama. But his heart belongs to the Fountain City and, for that matter, so does his family history. The name Cobb is integral to Prattville. The family has been here for generations. In fact, Bracken grew up in the house that was built by his great, great, great, great grandfather. His earliest childhood memory is of roaming the woods with his cousin, Matt, who lived next door. You may have actually been inside Bracken’s family home and stood where he and his cousin once played. The house is now called Rocky Mount, a well-known event venue for the tri-county area. With its beautiful gardens and completely restored indoor facilities nestled in an ancient oak grove, the venue is, in a way, a scaled down version of what Bracken says makes Prattville unique: small town charm with access to modern convenience and activities.

Since he’s been here his entire life, we asked him what the ideal Prattville date night looks like. He says it’s dinner and a movie—and for that dinner it’s gotta be Fox’s Pizza Den. The pizza is great but the restaurant itself is also appealing to Bracken because it is ideal not only for a casual date night but also for family gatherings. With three small children at home, a place where kids are welcome is high on the priority list. As far as family activities go, the Cobb family’s favorites are the parades—all of them! The parades have always been the perfect opportunity to take in all of the sights, sounds, and of course candy. Whether you are a fifth generation Prattvillian like Bracken or have just recently started referring to the Fountain City as “home”, there is something we all have in common: an appreciation and love for our ever-changing city that somehow manages to always stay the same.