Prattville has so much going for it. It’s location, it’s charm, it’s beauty, it’s history… but if you ask longtime local businessman Danny Strock, he’ll tell you that the best thing about the Fountain City is the people. And he should know, he’s lived in and around the Prattville area for 55 years. If his name sounds familiar, it might be because it’s part of the name of his office, Strock Insurance Agency, which is the only insurance brokerage in town. We asked him what his earliest memory of Prattville is. He remembers a certain piece of land being developed way back in the day. That piece of land is now the location of the Prattville Walmart—and lots of other businesses too. That’s his earliest memory but it’s actually not his most memorable Prattville recollection. For that, we have to go only as far back as September of 2002. That’s when a fire destroyed the Gurney Building Complex, a cotton spinning plant dating back to the mid-1800s. Despite the loss of that piece of the past, it is Danny’s belief that Prattville has maintained its soul through the downtown history. The history is kept alive by the people who live and work here and the events and traditions that they pass on. The Christmas tree lighting in particular is a favorite local event of Danny’s, and decorating the sponsored business Christmas trees that line the creek walk is a close second. Another way of keeping history alive is land conservation, something Danny is very passionate about. As for what the future holds for Prattville, this avid hunter is hopeful for a professional angler venue—and maybe better sports venues.