Bamboo Forest

Located 800 Upper Kingston Road, Prattville, AL

“It’s like walking through a rainforest in Asia, without having to travel half way around the world…”

Bamboo Forest, also called Wilderness Park, is a 26 plus acre area in the city limits of Prattville.  ere in a southern forest, bamboo from central China has quietly invaded and regenerates itself in almost undisturbed silence.

Plant life unfamiliar to most southerners flourishes in this now protected environment.  The bamboo reaches dramatic heights much like the magnificent bamboo habitats of the Panda of China…  two radically different biomes flourishing in a quiet refuge from today’s hectic life.

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Fun Facts

Designated a wilderness area requires that the park be left in a completely natural state; removal of anything for the park is strictly prohibited.

All the bamboo originated from a small packet of bamboo shoots shipped through the mail in 1940.

This park was used by the USAF Survival Program for troop survival training because of the bamboo and climatic conditions.

In addition to 4 types of bamboo, there are numerous trees and plants to discover:  American Holly, Red Maples, American Beech, Sweet Bay Magnolia, Netted Chain Fern, Loblolly Pile, Southern Magnolia, Short Leafe Pine, River Cane, Tlip Poplar, Jack in the Pulpit.

Located 800 Upper Kingston Road, Prattville, AL