In 2007, Carol Ferguson fulfilled a dream: she became an entrepreneur. Fueled by her love for art and her passion of working with and caring for people, Carol started her own company: Brink of Design, an online marketing and website design company. She specializes in in helping small businesses gain exposure. She does branding and logo design as well. With the goal of ensuring that her customers are always happy, Carol says her business motto is “Never over-prmise. Instead, under-promise and then over-deliver.”

Prattville became home to her when she was in junior high. After graduating from high school, she went on to Troy State (now Troy University) where she majored in Graphic Design. After that, she and her husband moved to Birmingham for a short time before returning to Prattville in 2011, making it their permanent home. The small town feel of The Fountain City was one of the many reasons the Fergusons chose to raise their children here. We asked Carol what she appreciates the most about Prattville life. Although she cited the absence of big city traffic, she said that what she loves the most is the people—nice people everywhere! They are the kind of people that if they aren’t already friends, they are sure to become friends soon.

Today, Carol spends most of her time on the things that matter most to her in life: her family, her business, and her art. At least half of her day is spent homeschooling her four children; twice a week she coaches a PE class for Prattville’s homeschool community. The other portions of her day are usually filled with graphic design projects for clients. Whenever she can, she also squeezes in a few moments to work on her art; she is especially gifted in oil painting, acrylic, landscapes, and portraits. She frequents the many small businesses in Prattville’s historic district, with Cindy’s Café being the unrivaled favorite.

When asked if she would choose to go back in time if it were possible, Carol replied that she wouldn’t want to change, either on purpose or by accident, the future that she ended up in. But if she could give her younger self some advice it would be “Be an overcomer. Don’t be entitled. And don’t stress out about the future; just enjoy the moment.” As for her dreams about the future of Prattville and the future for herself, they are intertwined. More than anything, she wants to see her company continue to grow and she strives to raise well-educated children. And at the moment, both of those things are at least partially dependent on the flourishing of the place she calls home. She would love to see Prattville’s downtown area flourish with homes, shops, restaurants… maybe even an art gallery one day. But for now, Carol is going to take her own advice and enjoy the moment, every one of them, living her dreams and working on new ones.

Freeze time and capture the feeling and emotions of a life well lived with a hand drawn portrait.  Carol is a talented local artist and graphic designer that has a passion for using her talents to move people.  She enjoys creating portraits of people, dogs, and homes.  Gifted in countless mediums her custom works include:  graphite, colored pencils, pastels, acrylic paint, oil paint, and even graphic design.

You can see a time lapse below or check out her many other works at